Show & Tell

Show & Tell demonstrations are aimed at strengthening the interactions between researchers and practitioners. They offer an exciting opportunity for participants to demonstrate their state-of-the-art results to a wide audience of professionals in the area of image processing in an attractive, interesting, innovative, and inventive way. The Show & Tell sessions take place concurrently with the regular technical sessions.


The Show & Tell demonstrations will be presented in two special Show & Tell sessions taking place Wednesday, October 29, in the Dickens 5+6 room. See the Technical Program for complete details.


Each Show & Tell presentation will be allocated a table along the wall of the room; there will be electrical outlets available at the table, and the wall may be used to display a poster.

At the start of each Show & Tell session, there with be a “Show & Tell – Fast Forward,” wherein each paper will be previewed orally. One of the authors of each Show & Tell presentation will give a one-minute presentation (optionally using one slide) for the “Fast Forward.”