Hotels in Paris

As the top tourist destination in the world, Paris is simply awash in a broad spectrum of hotels that run the gamut from youth hostels all the way to luxury palaces. With over 76,000 rooms in over 1,400 hotels, there is lodging to match any desired budget in any part of the city. While there are numerous accommodation options onsite at La Défense, thanks to an exceedingly dense network of public transport, one can stay literally anywhere in central Paris and be no more than a 35-minute métro ride from the CNIT conference venue. That said, hotels along Métro Line 1 or RER Line A offer direct access to the CNIT conference venue and are therefore more convenient for ICIP attendees than other hotels that require taking more than one Métro/RER line.

The French government formally classifies hotels according to a star-rating system. Ratings range from 1 stars for budget accommodations up to 5 stars for luxury lodging. All the accommodations are classed according to quantitative criteria including the level of comfort of the establishment, the quality of the services provided, and the extent of practices in regard to the environment as well as accessibility for the disabled. More information on the French hotel star-rating system.

Suggested Hotels

Below are listed a number of hotels, both onsite at La Défense as well as along Métro Line 1 or RER Line A.

Hotels with rates listed below are hotels with which ICIP has negociated special ICIP-only rates. The number of rooms at these special ICIP rates are limited, so we encourage booking early. To book accommodation using one of the negociated rates, use the “Book Now” next to the rate.

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