Award finalists announced

We are delighted to announce the finalists for the ICIP Best Paper Award. Only nine out 1219 accepted papers have made it through to this final shortlist!

The winners will be announced during the banquet at the Hotel de Ville, on Wednesday 29th.

The finalist papers, sorted by title, are the following:

Title Authors
3D Keypoint Detection by Light Field Scale-Depth Space Analysis Tošić, Ivana; Berkner, Kathrin
A Forward-Backward View of Some Primal-Dual Optimization Methods in Image Recovery Combettes, Patrick L.; Condat, Laurent; Pesquet, Jean-Christophe; Vu, Bang Cong
Computational 3D and Reflectivity Imaging with High Photon Efficiency Shin, Dongeek; Kirmani, Ahmed; Goyal, Vivek K; Shapiro, Jeffrey H
Graph Signal Decomposition for Multi-Scale Detail Manipulation Hidane, Moncef; Lezoray, Olivier; Elmoataz, Abderrahim
Laplacian Object: One-shot Object Detection by Locality Preserving Projection Biswas, Sujoy Kumar; Milanfar, Peyman
Null Space Clustering with Applications to Motion Segmentation and Face Clustering Ji, Pan; Zhong, Yiran; Li, Hongdong; Salzmann, Mathieu
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Using Manifold Alignment for Object and Event Categorization Samanta, Suranjana; Das, Sukhendu
Unsupervised Manifold Learning by Correlation Graph and Strongly Connected Components for Image Retrieval Pedronette, Daniel Carlos Guimarães; Torres, Ricardo da Silva
VOW: Variance Optimal Wavelets for the Steerable Pyramid Pad, Pedram; Uhlmann, Virginie; Unser, Michael

Congratulations to the authors for their excellent work!

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